~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

reception on saturday and things today

It pretty much did nothing but kick ass from start to finish. We got there in plenty of time... got set up and ready to go. The bridal party came in a bit after 6 and were announced to "The final Countdown" and a college fight song. I met the mother of the bride and Dan, one of the groomsmen beforehand. Dan was cool and had great hair. They cut the cake right away and then they wanted cocktails and mingling (that just doesn't look right) until 7 when dinner would be served. A little before they had the toasts and blessing and then dinner was served. They had it served family style, which I hadn't ever heard of before. At each table there were serving dishes of the meats and sides and the people passed them around the table (family style!) and each person took from and passed on the dishes. We found room at a table that just had 3 boys about middle school age, 13 or 14 I'd say. They were entertaining and amusing andf I don't think we could have possibly had a better place to sit. Each table held 10 and there were just the 5 of us. It worked out well. The food was pretty good and we got enough to eat and on top of it we had funny dinner companions.

A conversation between me and one of the boys:

Boy: They probably think I'm retarded. I shouldn't say retarded, it's not politically correct.

Me: I work with retarded kids quite a bit substitute teaching, I don't think they really care too much.

Boy: You substitute teach for real? That's what my mom does at _____.

Me: Yeah but I work in Saginaw.

Boy: Saginaw is here (po9ints on hand). My mom lives here (points), in Port Huron.

Me: I'm going to Port Huron in two weeks to be in a wedding!

Boy: Whose wedding?

Me: My former roommate.

Boy: Your former rommmate. Your ex rommmate! (we had jsut been talking about the bride's family being his old neighbors and he said old neighbors and ex neighbors and I said former sounds nicer)

Me: Yes!

Boy:What college?

Me: Central

Boy: My _____ (sister? cousin?) goes to Western. Her friend goes to Central. She has pink hair.

Me: I used to have pink hair!

and this is where Steve came in and wondered what on earth we were talking about and how we had managed to skip so randomly about.

So dinner was entertaining and had yummy food. Afterward I had a piece of wedding cake, which was also good, and a cup of coffee. The dance went well. TYhe people were nice, danced, had rhythm... I went outside and took pictures of Dan the groomsman and his girlfriend. Hopefully they'll turn out well.. I missed the precise light I was hoping for though :(

I also talked to the photographer for a long time and he told me quite a bit of stuff about what he does.

Today we went to the gym so I could work my arms some and afterward we went to Dow Gardens. I stalked a chipmunk for a while and hopefully at least one of the three pictures I took will turn out. I'm probably going to need to go back with the digital and stalk him again. He was so darn cute.

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