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Tom argue with g-ma

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I swear my mother's husband is retarded.
he and my grandma had words and now hes all mad... but hes just unreasonable and stubborn... plus often chemically altered and that doesnt help.

but seriously. I dont know what his deal is... how he manages to be him. its just so alien to me...

so he shows up to get Mikale and he came in here, asked if i was busy (I shoulda said yes yeesh) and then proceeded to go off into this tangent that he's aparently been on for a wek or two about some personal difficulties he's having with Mary's tenents... well one in particular on this one... and he jsut doesnt seem to be able to separate personal feelings from business... and he just argues around in circles... just trying to get someone to agree with him I guess... cause he's not willing to see reason at all.

so then he went out into the kitchen and managed to get into it with my grandma... I dont even know how... its like they were havin two different conversations... he was hearing something totally different than what was coming out of her mouth... reacting to that and then getting mad about it. so she told him that he should just go then and then he got all mad and huffy and kept going and she got mad he got mad and then he finally left.

I hate that he does that around the baby. I mean he wasnt yelling all that much. but you can tell that hes mad. and Mikale just doesn't need to see that...

he called Mary right when he got home and starts telling her his version of the conversation... but she already knew what had really been said because she had talked to me... so she just played ignorant and he still ended up mad, hing up on her a few times, kept calling her back.

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