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skunk update - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
skunk update
They are still here and doing well. Also still living in our bathroom. Barb finished the enclosure for them today, though, and they should probably be miving into it tomorrow. They're very messy little creatures. The little one is so funny. I pick it up and it sleeps curled up in my hand and it will snuggle and be petted and make little smacking sounds with its little mouth. Then when I set it down it looks up and scuttles away like I wasn't just holding it. Tap-tap-tap-ing at me and looking fierce. :)

I'm sniffly and itchy and sleepy. I should go to bed soon.

Today, moments after I woke up, David called me and we talked for a bit and I agreed to meet him for lunch. I took a shower, got my photo stuff together and then Barb showed up to finish the new skunk house. I went out and helped her with that and then went over to David's. We dropped off my film at Saginaw Photo and went to eat at the Chinese Super Buffet. Yay! We went to several stores trying to buy a battery for the older camera. Finally I bought two that I thought would work together (they do, fortunately) and we went back to his dad's. He's here on leave for a few more weeks. I'm going to try to see him as much as I can while he's here. He challenges me like few others do and it's always nice to have that sort of conversation.
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