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baby skunks- the story

I suppose I should finally elaborate on my skunk story. Wednesday night Steve and I were going for a walk down to the end of the road. We got about half way and heard Maxine and a little girl talking and they mentioned that there were skunks around the shed next door to them. I didn't figure we'd see anything but looked over there anyway and saw a tiny little tuft of fur moving. I walked up a little closer (at this point I didn't know if the mama was around or if the little one would take off running if it saw me). I got close enough to see that it was wandering around digging in the dirt, looking for tasty bugs, I'm sure. I noticed a second skunk soon after. I also realized that I could get to within a few feet of either of them before they'd take any notice and then they would stiffen out, stamp the front paws and try to intimidate me. It's amusing to watch. But as soon as they realised I wasn't going to jump on them they'd go back to digging. This went on for quite a while. I took a bunch of pictures, some of which turned out well. I went home to ask my grandma what she knew about baby skunks and she said that it was a little odd for them to be wandering around in daylight with no mother around. She mentioned catching them if it looked like they needed it and said that it could be done the same way yo would a kitten, by the scruff of the neck. She came down for a while and looked at the one (I didn't see the other one then) but he was in a bush happily rummaging and didn't seem to be in any hurry to come back out again. She went back home, Steve went to get a flashlight to look under the shed for the mother, and I continued watching and taking pictures of the one in the bush.

Steve came back and looked under the shed but didn't see anything. He spotted the other baby (the little one) in the yard, almost closer to the next house. I went over to try to take some pictures of him. I got super close and when I got closer, he started running towards me all stiffened up and taping his paws... I fguess that was my warning. I just kept taking pictures and I'd let him run back and then I'd step closer again... and he'd tap tap. I touched his tail and he skittered away, but only a few inches and then tap tap. We kept this up for a while. I'd touch his tail, his back, his tail again. and eventually I just reached over and picked him up like a baby kitten. He kind of hissed/yelled and looked scared but didn't spray (i didn't even know they could when theyre this little until I looked up info on them online later). Since he had his mouth wide open making noise at me I saw that his teeth weren't anything to worry about and I put a hand under his back feet which calmed him down considerably. He soon curled up and went to sleep.

I took him over to show to Maxine and her granddaughter since they were the ones who had told me about them int he first place. They looked a little wary and seemed to think it odd that I just went over and picked it up. I decided to take him home to show to my grandma, I half expected to be bringing him back later. When she saw him and heard how spread out they were wandering she said we better find a place for him to be and said I should have tried to catch more!

I wrapped him up in soft things and put him in a cage to sleep. Steve and I were hungry so we went to find food. I came back and mostly had the skunk with me while I looked up information. I learned that its not good to have them in cages (and he seemed to be quite upset to be in one, which is how he ended up being with me so much). Eventually I set him up in the bathroom. I read that they could be fed kitten formula and we had some so he's been getting that withs ome egg and I'm going to get some baby cereal to add to that (thanks Jill! :))

When I got back from dropping off my film yesterday I noticed a stronger skunk oder than when I left (the little one still hasnt felt the need to spray) and found that we had not one baby skunk, but two! My grandma had walked down the road with Peachie and looked around and saw the second one rooting around by a bush up by the house so she snatched him up. I guess he released some juice wheh they were almost back. I took another walk down there with her then and found baby skunk number 3! I knew there was at least one more... we haven;t found it yet though. I hope something didn't happen to him. I also hope that there aren't more that we don't even know to look for!

This morning my grandma called around to find someone (rehabilitator) to take them til theyre big enough to be let go but she found that they don't take them (or bats) because of the threat of rabies. She told my grandma to have them put to sleep and then tested and also recommended that my g-ma go to the doctor since she had handled them. Right. So it looks like we now have 3 more critters living at chez crushedglass. It certainly didn't seem right to rescue them and then kill them. I avoid the putting to sleep option nearly always. Particularly when theres no health reason for it. Those babies aren't sick.

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