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I got my assignment finished. I wasn't sure how that was going to go for a while because of the weather. We had a couple of lovely storms today.

This afternoon we went to Midland to go through the Luminarium. There weremany people and when we arrived, there was someone handing out line placeholders for people. We found a spot and sat down on the curb and waited for a while. It started sprinkling a little and we moved under a tree for a while. When we finally decided to try getting in the line i couldn't find anyone who had been given a number. Finally, towards the front of the line I found someone who had a number fairly close to ours so we moved up there and waited near to that group. We only god to go inside for less than a minute when they kicked everyone out and told us to go inside to get a rain check because the storm was getting too bad (I was listening to someone talking through a radio on the belt of someone working there and heard tornado warning mentioned. so that was interesitng). It started pouring and we walked up to the building. I tried keeping everything covered as well as I could. I had the digital camera in my purse and the other in my hand but I covered it with my sweatshirt and everything survived nicely. Steve and I were nice and soggy though. We waited outside near the doors under the overhang. The tornado warning sirens went off for a while and that was when I made the phone post. It wasn't really doing anything but raining right wehere we were, but it was raining quite fiercely. It even hailed for a while. I don't even remember how long it had been since I had seen hail. We went inside to get our raincheck eventially and we were told that we were back down to just a watch again.

We went looking for the bathroom and were approached by some agitated looking guy who worked there who told us that we were supposed to be in the coatroom because we were under a warning again. I didn't want to go in the coatroom, I wanted to pee. That is exactly what I told him. After I got out of the bathroom but before Steve came back, the guy came past me again and told me again that I was supposed to be in the coatroom. He said that if I was there I was their responsibility and I'd have to go into the coatroom or leave. I said, "well I'm not leaving without him". He said, "I know" and then left me again. The warning wasn't on very long and When Steve and I walked out it was over and the sun was shining outside. We walked back over to where the Luminarium had been and heard that they were going to be shut down for the rest of the day but would be open tomorrow from 12-6.

We drove through Midland trying to decide on what we wanted to do for food and came across a few flooded streets and one closed McDonalds. I wanted to ask why but the kid scurried off again before I had the chance. We just ended up going back to Freeland. We stopped at the McDonalds there but I didn't really want anything they had. i just wanted a pedometer. I have one now but it sucks and registers a number far higher than it should.... so thats disappointing. We went back home and I made sandwiches and doctored up the too-sweet potato salad. It was a much better meal than we would have found at McDonalds.

We left and by the time we got back to Saginaw we got rained on again. At least we were sheltered int he car this time. There were some very interesting looking clouds and some lovely lightning. I got a few neat looking cloud pictures. We drove back to my house and dropped off my stuff, grabbed an umbrella, and headed to Frankenmuth. The rest of the evening was sunny and pretty. I finished up my first roll of slide film and I'll take that in tomorrow. I have portraits due on Thursday so I'll have a few days to get that done. I took quite a few pictures on the digital too. I also have some from friday. So tomorrow will be a very photo filled day, as long as I get around to resizing and posting them.

We ran into Matt and his friends Kevin and John. We hung out with them in a couple places, ate pizza, talked.

I hate how sometimes I manage to open my mouth and sayhtings before I've fully formed what i really wanted to say and so it just comes out wrong and not like what I meant at all. John works at the second place we were and he was talking about this group of people who came in who were very very angry when the women in their group were served first. He said something about well thats their culture and I said well they're wrong. I never got the chance to say what I really meant because it got passed over too quickly but I know I was taken wrong. That wasn't to say that their culture as a whole is wrong, only that when it comes to slighting (or mistreating) women or acting as though they are lower forms of life, I don't agree and I believe it's quite wrong.

So I dwelled on that for the rest of the night and was quite thoughtful... it just bothers me to be misunderstood.

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