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weekend: words now, pictures to follow

ok so thursday I had class. I came homw directly afterward and finished up my packing. Steve was running a little late, as should be expected (but for whatever reason I didn't) and so I waited for him. We went for Taco Bell and then went across the street to find somethin caffeinated. I was going to make some sort of coffee concoction but they didn't really have anything for me to work with so we continued on our way and stopped off in Birch Run. I made something with coffee and sugar and hazelnut and vanilla creamers and it was tasty. We drove forever and ever. I took some pictures of the lovely sunset... sadly, they didn't do it justice at all. We stopped in this one place for peeing and I got some allergy visine cause my eyes were being itchy and I was tired of rubbing them. They were getting sore anyway.

The moon looked supercool when it was still low... full and yellow and lovely. I thought I'd have better opportunity to get it the next night though when it would be really full and when we wouldnt be rushing down the highway. I should have tried to get it from the shoulder. Next month, I hope :) We finally got to our destination, late and Beth came down and let us in. We talked to her for a bit and then went to bed. I was still feeling awake headed because of the caffeine and it took a bit for me to settle down and be able to sleep.

I woke up early the next day and so did my mucus, and as a result, so did Steve. We went for food with Beth. I took Bonnie's picture there. They had Marilyn Monroe pictures on the wall facing Steve and I and it showed up a little in the background of the Bonnie pictures. We walked back through this little garden on the side of the road and there were lots of flowers... and I saw a bumble bee, a couple snakes, and a butterfly. I got a few pictures there. That afternoon Steve and I tried to go to the museum but we got misdirected by Beth and ended up just riding the bus for 2 hours instead. We got off and met up with Steves dad for a bit and decided to try again the next day early. Steve's dad had to head back to work and so Steve and I had a little bite to eat, and then wandered for a bit and went to this small free gallery where there were a bunch of photographs on display. I didn't care for them for the most part, but they made me think of my teacher. They wree all of the same scene over and over at different points in time and different seasons. but they were really boring, separating the water and sky right down the center of the photograph. but it was somehting to do and I got to take Bonnie's picture with a lion fountain.

We walked around and looked at things and met Steve's parents a bit later in the day for dinner nad some music. The music was a guy named Fruteland Jackson and I have a copy of his CD. Check it out. It's cool. I might put up an MP3 later. He posed for a picture with Bonnie. We took a walk later and I tried to get some nice night shots with the fountain and buildings. I don't know if they'll work out or not. I have some digitals though.

We got up decently early for the Museum of Science and Industry and spent the whole day there. There were all sorts of interesting things to look at. We went through the movie making exhibit, the blues exhibit, watched the Lewis & Clark omnimax movie, looked at Yesterday's Mainstreet, took some pictures of bonnie with the train exhibit, took pictures of bonnie witht he farm exhibit, looked at the baby chickens hatching and just hatched in the genetics exhibit... I loved the chickens. they were so so cute. and when you'd go by the glass they ran over and peeked through at you. I don't think I'll be eating chicken any more. I just dont feel right...

The movie making stuff was interesting and at the end they made a movie trailor with people in the audience. Download it here. #1493... if you look, in the part in Zircons lair, Steve is on of the henchmen and gets knocked down by one of the heros.

That night we went down to Navy Pier and walked for a while. We went to a Shakespeare comedy production that night. I liked it...it was amusing. We were tired when we got back and went to bed.

Sunday we slept in, took it easy for the most part. We went and saw the Harry Potter movie on imax. That was big and cool. I liked it. Steve and his family watched the basketball game that night. I did nothing. So that sucked. Afterward Steve and I went for a walk and ended up drinking at Simon's Tavern. Jackie, the bartender lady, was cool and nice and reminded me of a lady I've worked with at the Transitions Center. She gave us a couple free shots and they were really tasty so that was cool too. We walked home around 1:30 and slept. Monday we went to eat at Charlie's Ale House with Steve's dad. We spent the rest of the day before we went home walking and wandering Michigan Avenue. I went to th Sanrio store and bought some Hello kitty things, just a couple trinkets though. I got myself a new wallet.

We got home late last night and I took the pictures off the camera today. I'll resize and post later.

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