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I'm about to go to pick up some laundry my grandma forgot to bring home from Larry's. This, in itself, does not bother me. What *does* is how she goes about things. She'll come home and say, "I wish you were dressed, I'd send you over there to get it" and I just don't want to go back when I'm so sore and aching" I wish Barb were going to be around today" "Its too bad that the dryer isnt working cause its supposed to reain this afternoon so if I was going to get them on the line it would have to be soon..."

when she could have just said " will you get dressed and go pick it up for me?" how hard is that?!?!? I mean seriously. Why does she feel the need to guilt me into doing something when she could just ask? when I said something like this she said, well I figured since you didn't say you were going, you werent! Grr. cause she didn't *ask*! so goddam manipulative when she could just be direct.

done grr-ing, guess I'm going to pick up the laundry.


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