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Friday Steve and I drove around so I could get some of my assignment done. We ended up at Apple Mountain for a while. There was a storm coming and when we were heading there it was still pretty far away but there was some good lightening visible... we were going to try to get a beter view of it. By the time we got there though it was already starting to rain so I didn't get the chance I had hoped for...

Saturday we had a wedding reception far far away. It was kinda gheto but went pretty well. The contract was decently high... maybe they put all their money into the DJ cause they didn't have a caterer or a photographer... which I thought was weird. Before the reception really got started a storm came and I saw some of the best lightening I've seen in a long time. really quite beautiful. I saw more later that night when we were home. I watched the house across the street get hit, though I didn't know it at the time. I just knew it was close.

It has been so gray lately. bleah. it made me feel somewhat less than inspired when it came to doing my photography project... not so much because I think that sunny days are necessary for photography to happen... I rather like the diffused lighting of a cloudy day. but it just makes me *feel* kinda blah and that makes me feel unproductive and uncreative and un all sorts of things. I took just about all the time I possibly could take to get it done... but that wasnt all that much time at all since she didn't give us the go ahead on the assignment until thursday. its going to be that way this week to I think. but! I was pleasantly surprised witht he results. I was kind of expecting to hate it all but I found that I liked more shots on this roll than I have ever liked on one single roll before... I'm more used to 2 or 3 out of the whole... and really I liked most of them... the things I was trying to accomplish ended up showing through pretty well. not perfect by far... but so much better than I was fearing. I'll try to get some of them scanned when I get the assignment back.

(note to Aubrey: she wrote notes on the back of the ones she thought were best out of each person's set and both of ones of you were among them. so you got looked at by like 15 people today in my class when she put some of the pictures up on the projector)

I finished the project yesterday and dropped off the film at Saginaw Photo. I was making mix CDs today and almost made myself late. I had to pick up the pictures (and of course I had to look at them) and then I started towards Delta but before I got very far I remembered that I needed film and hadn't thought to ask for some when I was there. So I turned around and went down to Walgreens. I bought a 4 pack so I should be set for a while.

We were supposed to work on light painting today but we spent the whole class on the reviewing and critiquing... its useful though so I'm glad we did.

Tonight I went to Meijer with Matt and picked up some more cereal and some pop tarts and a Hello Kitty car freshener. Hopefully they won't smell yucky. If they do I'll just get myself a Cinnaberry tree cause they smell like koolaid.

also, my first and only complaint about the truck so far... that full tank of gas only lasted me a week. bleah.

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