~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

unexpected Mike V [photos]

very odd.
today out of nowhere somone I hadn't seen in at least 3 years showed up on my doorstep...
so I hung out with Mike today... we drove around some, caught up, hung out at his friends house... I took pictures...
he actually works pretty well in black and white...

he always comes across somewhat... I dont know... dumbass white boy... I dont really know how to describe it...
but he's not really... hes pretty well educated and hre and there will give himself away with some of the words he uses and the conversations he's capable of having... I dont know if I think its a good thing or a bad thing... that most of the time he comes across that way... I guess if he managed to be both a little better...

either way
it was a nice, though very unexpected, day...

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