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today, yesterday - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
today, yesterday
I had class today so I got up a bit after 9. I checked email and made a couple mix CDs. I'm out of blank CDs now. I drank some water and wasted time for quite a while. I did the rest of my hotography reading from last week and took a shower. I thought about going to the credit union but I had managed to waste just enough time that I decided to wait. I ate a bowl of cereal before I left nad headed out around 1. I headed straight to the bathroom when I got there. I've been trying to do a lot better at my water drinking and since my body hasn't really adapted yet I've still been peeing a lot.

We had a quiz in class. I think I might have gotten them all right. so thats cool. We discussed the answers in class and it all sounded like what I had put down. We split up into partners and did some light metering outside and around the building. We discussed the results when we came back to class. We finally loaded film and received our first assignment. She told us not to start it yet though because we're going to go over it in more detail on Thursday. I'm getitng impatient! She does want us to take 4 pictures with a person as the subject in 4 different types of light-- one in either morning or evening light to get the light and shadow contrasts of light coming from the side, one with front facing light, one in shade, and one under fluorescent light.

Tomorrow I'm working for 2 hours in the morning from 10 to 12. Its for the Ruben Daniels program but its at Longstreet Elementary. After that I'm going to go over Aubrey's for a bit and use her as the subject for some of the photo stuff. Steve is going to come over when he gets out of work and I'll robably take him for the evening light shot. He's also going to bring me his little blue light and his black sweater. I might need both for my class on Thursday. The blue light at least.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I got the truck, went to the grocery store and bought milk... thats about it. Hung out with the baby. We read a bunch of stories, I washed him up and changed his clothes and clipped his nails after he came in from playing outside.

Currently hearing: Ali Farka Toure With Ry Cooder - Soukora

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decadence1 From: decadence1 Date: May 28th, 2004 06:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
1) *reads journal entry* 2) *notices typo truism.

"Mmm hmm, you are ~definitely~ qualified to read hotography" Grrr.:D

Make sure you don't hyper-hydrate! You’d need gallons to do that though... so you’ll probably be fine. 1.5l per day is a good ratio.

Make sure you're not getting through lots of caffeine too, because that’s a diuretic so that’d make you head for the bathroom a lot if you’re drinking lots of water. I agree it's an adjustment thing also, it should settle soon.

Apparently when you start to drink enough water, your body prioritises it first to vital organs as we all tend to be slightly dehydrated. Then, it shares it out to skin etc., so your skin starts to look clearer. It’s good you’re drinking more water. I would, but my resolve sucks!
crushedglass From: crushedglass Date: May 28th, 2004 07:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
trust me darlin I know ALL about the water. I'm usually the one to spout off all the facts to people :)
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