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sleepy timeand shower time, but first an update - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
sleepy timeand shower time, but first an update
It was cold today. Pretty, but cold. I picked up Mikale from school. Of course today when I plan to go straight to grandma's he decides we need to stop at his house first. I am mean so we did not stop. He told me so even. And then I reminded him how mean I was. To make sure that I had nothing else to do today but spend time with him at grandmas. He had to admit, that yes, that was kinda nice.

Poor Mikale got stung by a wasp at g-ma's. They keep sneaking into the house. It was a big sucker. I got a glass and took it outside. My grandma told me to squish it. I did not.

I took some pictures of Mikale. From what I could tell in camera, which is sadly often quite misleading, I have some lovely shots. I have taken probably 2000 pictures this month. It is going to take me a gazillion years to get caught up on pictures. It would help if I could do it better here but I cannot. Someone buy me an imac!

I'm about to have vegetable-y chicken soup. Then it is time to shower and go to bed. I got a sleep mask and I'm glad I did. I go to bed when it's still light out. The mask helps.

Also, a Mikale-ism:

him: I have managed to go 2 years without pooping at school.
me: That's quite an accomplishment! How come?
him: Because I don't want to wipe my butt!


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