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chat log: chydenno80 - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
chat log: chydenno80
once again... um, what?

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:chydenno80): Tue Jun 03 15:21:41 2003
[15:21] chydenno80: hi
[15:21] *** Auto-response sent to chydenno80: this is an away message: doin stuff... leave messages (or call)
[15:22] chydenno80: who do you think you are talking to
[15:22] angelle321: um... actually I wasn't talking to anyone... thats an away message. it means I wasn't at the computer.
[15:23] chydenno80: okay it's granted
[15:23] chydenno80: well who are you
[15:23] angelle321: what kind of question is that?
[15:23] angelle321: I'm myself
[15:23] chydenno80: and whee are you calling from
[15:23] angelle321: I'm who my profile says I am
[15:24] angelle321: and I dont answer questions that are in it.
[15:24] angelle321: where are *you* from?
[15:24] chydenno80: ok but you answer questions rudely
[15:24] angelle321: no
[15:24] angelle321: I answer them honestly
[15:24] chydenno80: yes you do
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